Dear friend,

Barbara Stepp here…

Over 50 years ago Dave Dobson, PhD., a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, created the concept of No Fault Psychology™ and Other Than Conscious Communication™ and willed it to me as his heir and life partner.

I designed Simply Hypnosis to guide the student from the basics of Hypnosis to advanced. I have been a hypnotherapist and teacher for 45 years.

You will learn how to simply use self-hypnosis and formal trance with a purpose, and who really is the hypnotist. Hypnotic and transformational language, catalepsy, levitation, timeline, post hypnotic suggestions, key trance skills, deep trance phenomena, various inductions, glove anesthesia and more.

So what is Other Than Conscious Communication?


“Literally, everything we do, the way we do it, constitutes our communications. It has also been said that only a small percentage of our communication is verbal, that a far greater aspect of our communication is non-verbal, or outside of our conscious awareness. I prefer referring to this aspect as other than conscious.”

-Dr. Dave Dobson

This should not be surprising in view of the myriad tasks that our mind controls daily like coordinating our muscles for walking, remembering how to tie our shoes, etc. All outside of our conscious awareness, we are just able to do the things without having to think about them.

Since the turn of the century, to the beginning to the industrial revolution, our society and our schools have focused more and more attention on the written and spoken word virtually ignoring the aspects of behavior that resisted codification.

From time to time, there have been efforts to recognize the other aspects of our communication process, such as appreciation of an animal’s “territorial imperatives” and “body language”, but the refinements of the different “modalities” has been virtually ignored and even when it is respected through the teachings of “Neuro-linguistic structures” such NLP™, the overall appreciation of the total communication is not appreciated.

Other Than Conscious Communication™ is real and an outgrowth of No-Fault Psychology™. It can be consciously validated, appreciated, and with this appreciation frees the individual to be even more courteous at both the conscious and other than conscious levels of communication”.

In No Fault Psychology™ we use the polarity of Freud and blame no one for what patterns we have. Once we realize that no one is to blame, we can begin to adjust, tweak and outgrow patterns that are not valuable and create ones that are beneficial.

What Else Will You Learn?

Dr. Dave Dobson created and utilized methods of Other Than Conscious Communication™ and hypnosis such as Cross filing, Patterns, Subjective Reversal, Housecleaning, Mind Stretch, Metaphor, Gold mining, Meta Fives, Pattern Interrupts, Congruency, Anchoring, 3 legged stool, Tuxedo Trance, Pain Alleviation, a different and more valuable way to use our language, as resources for outgrowing un-productive patterns of behavior and thinking; developing new more productive patterns. You will learn these concepts, skills and techniques.

OTCC™ sums up the phenomena of Hypnosis. You will learn levels of trance and how to consciously direct your other than conscious mind. This technology can be successfully used and applied in everyday Personal life, Therapy, Business, Education, Motivation……any and all areas of communication.

You will learn how to do formal hypnosis and self-hypnosis and all its elements, how to become more creative and imaginative, self and formal hypnosis. Everything we do well, we do in trance. Watch concert pianists, actors, athletes, computer programmers or anyone who does something brilliantly.

This learning is presented in what Dave called a The Fun Shop, because he believed that learning should be fun. The Fun Shop is conducted by Me, Dave’s life/ professional partner and heir to his intellectual property. Dave taught and prepared me to continue his work and made me promise to carry on the Fun Shops. Dave and I have 90 years combined experience in Hypnosis.

We welcome you to this exceptional Fun Shop, an exciting combination of Other Than Conscious Communication™ and No-Fault Psychology™ to use personally and in your business/profession/practice.


“Dave was a great hypnotherapist when I met him back in the 1970’s. My association with Dave covers over three decades. I can say he was the most natural and gifted hypnotherapist I ever met. He was one of those individuals who never stopped learning and developing new techniques. David had much to offer those of us interested in the power of the mind and the power of communication. Barbara Stepp, who worked with Dave for many years, is one of my students and Master Trainers and uniquely qualified to edit and present Dr. Dobson’s work.”

-Dr. Richard Bandler, Founder for NLP™ & DHE®

Date: October 1 - 7 2016

Tuition: $1,495

Upon registration, you will be given all logistics for this one-of-a-kind Chicago LIVE seminar.

Class will begin at 10 a.m. and end at approximately 6 p.m. Hotels are within walking distance.

You can fly in to either Midway or O’Hare Airport. You can rent a car at either airport. In the event you do not choose to rent a car, Continental Express shuttles can transport you to the hotel if you make a 24 hour advance reservation. Their phone number is 312-454-7800, their website is www.airportexpress.com. American Taxi has fixed rates to and from the airports as well. Their phone number is 1-877-755-2227.

Date: October 1 - 7 2016

Tuition: $1,495